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Should We Have More Regulations On Government Benefits?

Posted by antrutan on April 30, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Today in America, it is more common than ever for citizens to use at least one form of Government Benefits. Some see this as a good sign that we are taking care of more underprivileged people while others see this as evidence of abuse. While it's true that there are many abuses, such as illegal immigrants and refugee status migrants who apply for, and receive benefits. Originally most benefits were intended to be temporary and supplementary during the Great Depression, citizens were expected to return to their normal income after the financial hardships were to cease. However this wasn't the case and many families soon were dependent on it. Many others seeing that our country takes care of its citizenry decided they could jump on the bandwagon through illegal immigration and apply for assistance. Government Benefits were once considered a right of all citizens with the necessary economic status, however currently Benefits are seen as a privilege granted to those who especially need it. This isn't evident in its implementation as fraud and schemes are rampant. Even though this is true one still can't argue the good that Benefits have on our society as a whole. Benefits give an equal opportunity to those who are in unfortunate circumstances until a time in which they can support themselves. Perhaps, instead of completely removing or modifying Benefits we can instead reform them to a point where only eligible citizens can apply and that they are checked in on regularly to insure continued eligibility. So, yes maybe we do need more regulation of assistance programs.



Standalone Complex

Posted by antrutan on September 2, 2014 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm intrigued by psychological paradigms and none more so prevalent modern society than the Copycat Syndrome. I.e. Arson is reported and soon ten more houses are razed. However what if there was no original to copy making the new equation: A Copy, Of A Copy, Of A ____ This is a Standalone Complex and represents, in my opinion, the beginning of societal collapse. Consider the following example:


A victim reports an attack and describes the suspect and much attention is given to this. In the media, in groups, gossip circles, and rumors.

Then a second incident occurs and soon the fear and and rumors spread.

Finally the attacks become numerous and "The Serial Attacker is on the loose!" However there is no matching Modus Operandi, The victims don't fit any pattern and the descriptions vary slightly.

The suspect is never found. The first incident was fabricated a creation to cope with stress.


That is a modified Standalone Complex and the Plot to Paranoia Agent. As you can tell this kind of thing can be very dangerous and deserves to be studied closely.

Free Useful Programs

Posted by antrutan on August 15, 2014 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)






Now calling itself Kodi (formaly Xbox Media Center) are the people who were making a entertainment app for the original Xbox. However they branched off and continued their work to create the best all-in-one media center. The key feature of this program is its' organization having your entire library at the tip of your fingers. Movies, Music, TV shows, and More all nice and neat! the only con is though it has to be configured to "know" wherever said media is, but it is once and your all set! Homepage


2. K-Lite Codec Pack


Codecs are the things your pc needs to run various Media files. This awesome pack contains any and all you would need to run any type from HD video .mp4s or .MKVs to music Mp4s or .M4as. You can use them with your media player of choice or with the built-in media player that comes with the pack.


3. Kylo


Kylo is a 10 foot browser. Meaning, quite literally, being able to be viewed from ten feet away (3 meters for those outside the U.S.). This Program is intended for people who use their pcs in their living room as a media center. [hmm you can start to see a theme here huh?] This program is great for watching videos off the internet on your big screen as well and news articles that you can actualy read.


4. HandBrake


The only Truly free video converter there is. Simple, Easy-To-Use, and Effective. Essential if you put media onto your mobile devices.


5. OpenOffice


Need Microsoft Office but can't afford it! Well actually you don't, because there is a free alternative that is damn near an exact clone in form and function.


6. Audacity


Want to feel like a professional audio mixer or recording artist but can't afford to. Audacity is a free audio editing program loaded with features that enables you to tune your audio files in many cool ways or just look for backmasking by reversing audio.


7. Minilyrics


A fun little app that plays lyrics along side your favorite tracks.

Privacy (NSA spying ADs etc.)

Posted by antrutan on July 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

All right so I've decided I'll share a few privacy tools and features I use because it's not fun to keep good things to yourself. First of all I'm going to try to be concise and make it as easy as possible to follow. So let's begin.


1st. Adblock. (This stops Ads from tracking the pages you visit)
The first tool you will need is an adblocker there are quite a few but the best one is Adblock. The only downside is it is only available for Chrome and Safari there are others for Firefox and personaly I recomend you use multiple browsers. Simply go here you don't have to donate but if you can you should.

2nd. Ghostery. (This stops most Trackers on the browser you install it on)
This will be your first layer of protection stopping pages you visit from tracking you without affecting web surfing. It's available on most browsers and Mobile devices. The downside is it only stops trackers comming through THAT browsers not the entire PC or network. You can get it here

3rd. PeerBlock. (This stops peer2peer trackers on your entire PC)
This stops nearly all trackers and when combined with ghostery makes for NEAR anonymous web surfing. However it CAN affect web surfing and make some site on available though all your have to do is right click disable to be able to use them. You can get it here.

Those are pretty much all you need but you can do more.


This unblocks sites and stops your ISP from seeing exactly what you type in the URL box. Instead they will only know the IPs you visit. DNS is the service that takes the domain names you type I.E. and reroutes your pc to the correct IP. This requires a basic understanding of networks to pull of but has a detailed step by step instruction, it is here.

Tails OS
Now this is some James Bond cloak and dagger stuff. It is a a bootable temporary Operating System that you can use on any pc with a disc drive or usb / memorystick drive. It is completely anon and deletes all evidence of your usage the problem is you need to know how to burn disc images and how to boot from cd. You can get it here.

My beliefs on guns

Posted by antrutan on March 26, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The founders understood that in order for freedom to be ensured that the citizen would need rights to protect them from the government. These rights are the bill of rights and they shall not be infringed. They understood that life in a free country would be full of hardship and would take extreme amounts of will and tenacity, that some of the most simple ideas must be held in place if the individual citizen would ever survive. One of the most import basic right is that of the right to protect oneself by bearing arms while technology has changed and now we are being told that we should protect ourselves with lesser means even though the secound amendment further states the right to a citizens militia similar to the minute men who played an important role in the revolution. This means that the citizen is entitled to have sufficent weapons to defend not only themselves but the country without being formaly in the federal governments national army. This is how the National Guard was started. I am not saying that we need tanks or rocket launchers just that we as a nation of citizens desserve the right of adequate protection against those who wish to harm us. This Nation would not be here today if not for those American citizens who with a rifle on their shoulder fought against those opposing freedom.

The Fragile Psyche

Posted by antrutan on August 18, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I've been thinking a lot about the stability of people's minds due to occurrences which are steadily increasing. I've observed that all individuals believe it or not are on a thin line between sanity and insanity balancing on a beam crossing a chasm but with vertigo. A Sociologist would say that One just conforms to the Whole's norms finding them to conflict with their mores or perhaps One try s to look for leadership to survive but passively despises being lead. A Psychologist would try to argue that it's either in THIER nature or THIER nurture i.e. bad environment (surroundings) bad childhood from (parents) I disagree not entirely but I propose a different theory the Psyche is inherently fragile. The Human Mind is like a suspension bridge under stress all that is necessary is to sever the right support and this leads to a chain reaction ending in utter catastrophe. I hope you understand and have learned from this thank you.

An Idea I Have

Posted by antrutan on June 17, 2012 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Why couldn't DICE the makers of Battlefield and the Frostbite engines work with Bohemia Interactive the creators of the ARMA series of computer games to create a console version of ARMA with techniques and ideas of BIS and the Frostbite II engine of DICE and its capalbilities along with E.A. as a developer to make the Most REALESTIC MILITARY SHOOTER EVER? You may think well theres a console version of Operation Flashpoint or OFP but codemasters developed the Original OFP Cold War Crisis and create OFP sequals without BIS (the makers of the original) made console OFPs which were disapointing. Without being made by BIS the sequals were like as if they were copies of the original but the copy machine ran out of toner. While codemasters failed to make OFP, BIS was making pc sequals to the original OFP under the title ARMA they took what they had (a great and realistic military game) and improved upon it by adding things like improved comand interface previously only seen in squad based tactical shooters the ability to breach with explosives and vault obstacles along with a seperate running algorithm for bullet drop and ricochet. Here goto Youtube and search ARMA 2 look at how realestic it is if ran than kind of advanced code on a more advanced engine you get something extraordinary though it'd be key not to try and change it into a standalone SP/MP FPS keep capaigns keep the mission editor and realestic damage ect. It be really great if it'd happen but I doubt it ever will.