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Should We Have More Regulations On Government Benefits?

Posted by antrutan on April 30, 2015 at 11:55 AM

Today in America, it is more common than ever for citizens to use at least one form of Government Benefits. Some see this as a good sign that we are taking care of more underprivileged people while others see this as evidence of abuse. While it's true that there are many abuses, such as illegal immigrants and refugee status migrants who apply for, and receive benefits. Originally most benefits were intended to be temporary and supplementary during the Great Depression, citizens were expected to return to their normal income after the financial hardships were to cease. However this wasn't the case and many families soon were dependent on it. Many others seeing that our country takes care of its citizenry decided they could jump on the bandwagon through illegal immigration and apply for assistance. Government Benefits were once considered a right of all citizens with the necessary economic status, however currently Benefits are seen as a privilege granted to those who especially need it. This isn't evident in its implementation as fraud and schemes are rampant. Even though this is true one still can't argue the good that Benefits have on our society as a whole. Benefits give an equal opportunity to those who are in unfortunate circumstances until a time in which they can support themselves. Perhaps, instead of completely removing or modifying Benefits we can instead reform them to a point where only eligible citizens can apply and that they are checked in on regularly to insure continued eligibility. So, yes maybe we do need more regulation of assistance programs.



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