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Standalone Complex

Posted by antrutan on September 2, 2014 at 5:20 PM

I'm intrigued by psychological paradigms and none more so prevalent modern society than the Copycat Syndrome. I.e. Arson is reported and soon ten more houses are razed. However what if there was no original to copy making the new equation: A Copy, Of A Copy, Of A ____ This is a Standalone Complex and represents, in my opinion, the beginning of societal collapse. Consider the following example:


A victim reports an attack and describes the suspect and much attention is given to this. In the media, in groups, gossip circles, and rumors.

Then a second incident occurs and soon the fear and and rumors spread.

Finally the attacks become numerous and "The Serial Attacker is on the loose!" However there is no matching Modus Operandi, The victims don't fit any pattern and the descriptions vary slightly.

The suspect is never found. The first incident was fabricated a creation to cope with stress.


That is a modified Standalone Complex and the Plot to Paranoia Agent. As you can tell this kind of thing can be very dangerous and deserves to be studied closely.

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