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Posted by antrutan on August 15, 2014 at 12:55 AM






Now calling itself Kodi (formaly Xbox Media Center) are the people who were making a entertainment app for the original Xbox. However they branched off and continued their work to create the best all-in-one media center. The key feature of this program is its' organization having your entire library at the tip of your fingers. Movies, Music, TV shows, and More all nice and neat! the only con is though it has to be configured to "know" wherever said media is, but it is once and your all set! Homepage


2. K-Lite Codec Pack


Codecs are the things your pc needs to run various Media files. This awesome pack contains any and all you would need to run any type from HD video .mp4s or .MKVs to music Mp4s or .M4as. You can use them with your media player of choice or with the built-in media player that comes with the pack.


3. Kylo


Kylo is a 10 foot browser. Meaning, quite literally, being able to be viewed from ten feet away (3 meters for those outside the U.S.). This Program is intended for people who use their pcs in their living room as a media center. [hmm you can start to see a theme here huh?] This program is great for watching videos off the internet on your big screen as well and news articles that you can actualy read.


4. HandBrake


The only Truly free video converter there is. Simple, Easy-To-Use, and Effective. Essential if you put media onto your mobile devices.


5. OpenOffice


Need Microsoft Office but can't afford it! Well actually you don't, because there is a free alternative that is damn near an exact clone in form and function.


6. Audacity


Want to feel like a professional audio mixer or recording artist but can't afford to. Audacity is a free audio editing program loaded with features that enables you to tune your audio files in many cool ways or just look for backmasking by reversing audio.


7. Minilyrics


A fun little app that plays lyrics along side your favorite tracks.

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