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Privacy (NSA spying ADs etc.)

Posted by antrutan on July 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM

All right so I've decided I'll share a few privacy tools and features I use because it's not fun to keep good things to yourself. First of all I'm going to try to be concise and make it as easy as possible to follow. So let's begin.


1st. Adblock. (This stops Ads from tracking the pages you visit)
The first tool you will need is an adblocker there are quite a few but the best one is Adblock. The only downside is it is only available for Chrome and Safari there are others for Firefox and personaly I recomend you use multiple browsers. Simply go here you don't have to donate but if you can you should.

2nd. Ghostery. (This stops most Trackers on the browser you install it on)
This will be your first layer of protection stopping pages you visit from tracking you without affecting web surfing. It's available on most browsers and Mobile devices. The downside is it only stops trackers comming through THAT browsers not the entire PC or network. You can get it here

3rd. PeerBlock. (This stops peer2peer trackers on your entire PC)
This stops nearly all trackers and when combined with ghostery makes for NEAR anonymous web surfing. However it CAN affect web surfing and make some site on available though all your have to do is right click disable to be able to use them. You can get it here.

Those are pretty much all you need but you can do more.


This unblocks sites and stops your ISP from seeing exactly what you type in the URL box. Instead they will only know the IPs you visit. DNS is the service that takes the domain names you type I.E. and reroutes your pc to the correct IP. This requires a basic understanding of networks to pull of but has a detailed step by step instruction, it is here.

Tails OS
Now this is some James Bond cloak and dagger stuff. It is a a bootable temporary Operating System that you can use on any pc with a disc drive or usb / memorystick drive. It is completely anon and deletes all evidence of your usage the problem is you need to know how to burn disc images and how to boot from cd. You can get it here.

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