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My beliefs on guns

Posted by antrutan on March 26, 2013 at 1:15 PM

The founders understood that in order for freedom to be ensured that the citizen would need rights to protect them from the government. These rights are the bill of rights and they shall not be infringed. They understood that life in a free country would be full of hardship and would take extreme amounts of will and tenacity, that some of the most simple ideas must be held in place if the individual citizen would ever survive. One of the most import basic right is that of the right to protect oneself by bearing arms while technology has changed and now we are being told that we should protect ourselves with lesser means even though the secound amendment further states the right to a citizens militia similar to the minute men who played an important role in the revolution. This means that the citizen is entitled to have sufficent weapons to defend not only themselves but the country without being formaly in the federal governments national army. This is how the National Guard was started. I am not saying that we need tanks or rocket launchers just that we as a nation of citizens desserve the right of adequate protection against those who wish to harm us. This Nation would not be here today if not for those American citizens who with a rifle on their shoulder fought against those opposing freedom.

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