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An Idea I Have

Posted by antrutan on June 17, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Why couldn't DICE the makers of Battlefield and the Frostbite engines work with Bohemia Interactive the creators of the ARMA series of computer games to create a console version of ARMA with techniques and ideas of BIS and the Frostbite II engine of DICE and its capalbilities along with E.A. as a developer to make the Most REALESTIC MILITARY SHOOTER EVER? You may think well theres a console version of Operation Flashpoint or OFP but codemasters developed the Original OFP Cold War Crisis and create OFP sequals without BIS (the makers of the original) made console OFPs which were disapointing. Without being made by BIS the sequals were like as if they were copies of the original but the copy machine ran out of toner. While codemasters failed to make OFP, BIS was making pc sequals to the original OFP under the title ARMA they took what they had (a great and realistic military game) and improved upon it by adding things like improved comand interface previously only seen in squad based tactical shooters the ability to breach with explosives and vault obstacles along with a seperate running algorithm for bullet drop and ricochet. Here goto Youtube and search ARMA 2 look at how realestic it is if ran than kind of advanced code on a more advanced engine you get something extraordinary though it'd be key not to try and change it into a standalone SP/MP FPS keep capaigns keep the mission editor and realestic damage ect. It be really great if it'd happen but I doubt it ever will.

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